We all know that Xbox one has gone on to become one of the most sought-after gaming consoles in the gaming industry today. It is due to the fact that it boasts future proof gaming technologies which offer a gaming experience like no other. In order to enjoy games much wholeheartedly on an Xbox One console, you must equip yourself with a good quality Custom Xbox One controller.

In this article, we shall be introducing you to the techniques involved in making your very own custom Xbox One controller all at the fraction of the price of an original controller. Read on to find out more!

Tip #1: Tools/Accessories needed before we begin

Before you begin your building process, you must have two essential tools which will help you through the way. They are as follows:

  • Pry Tool made of plastic
  • Torx T8 screwdriver

Tip #2: Changing the appearance of your Custom Xbox One controller

Changing the appearance of your custom Xbox One controller can be done by just making simple modifications which will be discussed in this section. Let us discuss these further:

Adding custom shells to your Xbox One Controller

When you change the shell of a custom Xbox One controller, you significantly change the visual appeal of the entire controller as well. It isn’t a tedious task and can be done by the mere replacement of a few plastic parts and the undoing of a few screws is all.

The brand new controller shell comes at a cost of around USD 15 which is available in a variety of designs which also include soft-touch finishes as well.

How to replace your custom Xbox One Controller’s thumbsticks?

At times, there could be a chance that the thumbsticks are broken and need a replacement or you simply just want a change of color or design. This can be easily done by swapping old plastic made thumbsticks with the more stylish aluminum ones. A new pair of thumbsticks can cost anywhere close to anywhere about USD 10.

The process of replacing your customs Xbox One controller’s thumbsticks is very much similar to that of changing its shell.

How to add a colored home button?

One can easily change the color of the glowing Xbox Logo. You won’t even have to use any tools for this. You can easily add a transparent color sticker on the logo and you are ready to have a colored Xbox Logo. Your logo changes color immediately. This is a very cheap and safe technique to change the glow color of your Xbox logo.

For just USD 9, you can now get more than 16 different colored stickers which all project a different color finish once the custom Xbox One controller is switched on.

How to add ABXY buttons to a custom Xbox One gaming controller?

ABXY buttons on an Xbox One controller are usually of the standard type and can be easily swapped for a new look and even for a newer style as well. A new set is expected to cost just about USD 10 and come in various designs and materials as well.

However, the process of swapping is a rather technical one which requires the use of a soldering iron. Make sure you use professional help before doing it or you may end up spoiling your entire Xbox One controller set.

Tip #3: Adding additional performance enhancing parts to a custom Xbox One controller set

Apart from working on the cosmetic changes of your Xbox One controller, you can also make modifications in terms of improving the overall performance levels of your gaming controller. This, in turn, has an indirect effect on the quality of your gameplay.

Certain additions can be in the form of a trigger stop, paddles, etc. which are all included with more expensive wireless controllers, however, these can be added to any ordinary Xbox One controller as well.

How do I add Grips to a custom Xbox One controller?

The presence of an extra grip is always necessary when it comes to enhancing your overall gameplay experience. At times, our hands do get quite sweaty during an intense gaming session and this has an effect on the grip of the controller. In order to increase the grip on your custom Xbox One controller, all you have to do is add a few grip panels at the back of your Xbox One controller.

These panels are available at a reasonable price of up to about USD 12. Again, these panels come in various styles and colors despite all of them offering the same level of gripping performance during gameplay.

How to add trigger stops to a custom Xbox One controller?

For gamers who are diehard fans of FPS games, trigger stops are a blessing in disguise. They perform the function of shortening the travel time for each trigger which in turn results in a much faster response time from the press of a button on the controller to a shot played in the game.

Notable trigger stops like Bionik Quick shot not only work as trigger stops but also add the much-needed grip as well. You will have to shell out about USD 20 to buy these trigger stops.

How to add Paddles to a custom Xbox One controller?

Paddle kit is easily available of Collection Minds. You will find the extra control with the help of added paddles.

The wired kit is capable of replacing a standard battery door present on the Xbox One controller. The micro USB port must be connected to the controller in order to prevent the paddles from suffering from lag or broken connection. Such paddles cost around USD 30 and will add perfect additions to any custom Xbox One controller setup.

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Making a custom Xbox One controller is no easy task. However, with the help of a few tips listed above, you can completely change the functional and makeup of your Xbox One controller. All of this can be done very economically as well.


This article is all about making innovative changes to your custom Xbox One controller. It’s not a very expensive affair and can be done by spending a few tens of dollars. The end result will be a highly upgraded version of your standard Xbox One controller.

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