Building your own Modded controller: The Ultimate Guide

Gaming is a pastime which everyone enjoys. In order to truly wish to enjoy a gaming experience like no other, it’s always advised to get your hands on a good quality modded controller for your gaming console. In this article, we shall be introducing you tips on how to choose the best-modded controllers in the market today.

Selecting the best-Modded controller us no easy task and requires a lot of research of the current market as well as about the oviducts on offer. This article is a complete go-to guide which will equip you with the right technical information which will help you choose the best-modded controller for your gaming requirements.

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What is a modded controller?

Just by simply installing a modchip, one can convert any controller to a modded one.  The chip installed presses the button on behalf of the gamer which in turn enables the gaming character to carry out more gaming actions with relative ease. The original controller is not hacked or tampered with in any case except for the fact that the chip is being added. Hence, adding of the chip will not tamper you’re your sonny or Microsoft account.

A lot of modding companies out there in the market offer their own modding chips. These chips vary by various factors such as memory capacity, processor speed, number of mods, etc. to name a few. In order to learn the technical aspects of such mod chips, you can research over the internet.

In order to understand mods, they can be thought of as perks you can unlock as a game progresses. Though they’re very helpful and fun, they still aren’t enough in order to succeed. Though a mod controller doesn’t enhance your gaming performance too much, it still helps you aim, analyze and finally, strategize as during any other game. Your overall gaming skills will be significantly improved as well.

PlayStation 4

When the PS4 released in late 2013, the latest edition of the Dual shock also came out. This new version had a lot of different improvements when we compare it to the previous one. With the help of its sticks and triggers, control was enhanced tenfold. Certain additions such as the multi-touch pad, enhanced battery life as well as the share button ensured that your gaming experience is elevated to a whole new level. As part of the modding process by our team, the new Dual Shock 4 was a great experience which offered a host of big modifications which were once not possible by Dual Shock 3 ones.

Xbox One

Post its release in the November of 2013, the brand new Xbox One controller represented a huge improvement as compared to the previous versions of the Xbox 360 gaming controllers. The entire design of the controller was revamped which came along with a unique D-pad, set of thumbtacks, triggers as well as bumpers. We were successfully able to complete the making of a modchip for the Xbox One which offered more options as well as a bunch of variations for the customers.

PlayStation 3

Dual Shock 3 dominated the wireless market before Dual Shock came to the market. This dominance lasted for more than 7 years and was best known for their reliability and finally, endurance. There are a wide variety of modded PS3 controllers in the market which comes with almost 13 modifications as well as design modifications. However, as the demand for Dual Shock 4 controllers increases, that of the Dual Shock 3 has declined tremendously. One can still customize the product online as per their liking.

Xbox 360

Back in 2005, Xbox 360 controllers were first introduced. Their designs were among the popular ones as they were attractive compared to others. Initially, version 1.0 of Xbox 360 remotes were available in the market. However, more versions have been released after that as the demands from customers grew over the years. In 2015, the new version 2.0 Xbox 360 came with a lot of new features and many programming options.

Advanced Controller Creator

In this section, we shall be introducing you to a host of instructions which will help you with your custom modded remote needs. With their help, you will now be able to build your dream gaming controller which consists of various functionalities as well as an immaculate design as well. The main aim of this section is to help you with the finished and finalized version of your modded controller which best matches the description you have in mind. However, it is important to be a little more specific in terms of your requirements so that a knowledgeable decision is made about the parts you will be purchasing. This will also help you with the pricing aspects of the revamp as well so that you realize what the total cost of the rebuilding process is.

Build Your Own PS4 Controller

When it comes to building your dream controller, there are host possibilities in terms of design and functional features which can be made part of your brand new PS4 mod. You can choose from a wide range if additions such as d-pads, triggers, bumpers as well as thumbsticks as well. If you wish to change the functionality of your controller, you can think about adding individual mod packs or can simply choose a pre-configured multi-mode game package. These are all inclusive of options which are compatible with specific games of your choice.


Xbox Design Lab

As the trend of controller modification was on the rise, Microsoft had to give in and introduced an ability to modify the Xbox One gaming controller as per the customer’s liking. Microsoft did introduce a host of design based customizations but aren’t close enough to the features offered by mod platforms online. Our platform offers a gist of textures and colors for additions such as a controller shell, buttons as well as paddles.

Share Your Artwork

The task of customizing your gaming controller can be a very tedious task and would require help from your near and dear ones. When you’re in the process of building your mod controller. Certain platforms allow the user to share an image of their modded controller with their friends. This way, you can avail advice from them and can further help in assembling a fully functional modded controller.

Wish List

In case you have no time currently to complete building your custom Xbox One or PlayStation and have no intention of finishing it at one go, you can save the progress you have made so far. The progress of the project can be retrieved later on by accessing it from the wish list.  Any project can be retrieved at a later time, and the purchase too can be completed whenever you feel that the progress did so far.

Custom Controller with Paddles

In order to truly get the most out of your gaming experience, a gamer must have the utmost control over their game. The best mod controller paddles allow gamers to revamp the standard button functionality and also help is the access of various activation points which are present on the paddles. Despite the fact that there are a host of different paddle types as well as textures, the best mods in the market deliver a very user-oriented shape along with the product replacement as well. There are certain paddles which offer a feeling which fit best here and once installed on your controller, they don’t impart a feeling that they have been installed at all. This is something which is not readily available in the gaming market today and is also compatible with any type of gaming controller out there.

Xbox One and PS4 Remappable Paddles

If you wish to improve the performance levels of your Xbox One and PS4, you can do so by using Programmable paddles for your gaming controllers. With 2 sets of paddles installed by default, Microsoft too offered this option as the Elite Xbox One controller improved the gaming experience.

Mods for both PS4 as well as for the Xbox are very much the same in terms of shape as well as designs. The latest mods in the market come with a much more advanced clicking and response system.

Xbox 360 Reprogrammable Mimic Buttons


All Xbox 360 users were lucky enough to get mimic buttons installed on the back of the controller. This increased the usability. The function of paddles and the mimic buttons are very much similar as they are placed perfectly allowing a perfect utilization of your middle finger.

Custom Design Paddles

Prominent mods available on the market come with paddles which vary in terms of design and colors. You can complete the look of your PlayStation or Xbox One controller with the help of the matching paddles which are installed.

LED Mods for Paddle Switches

Even nowadays LED running lights are available as part of the installation of paddles. Once you add this feature to your controller, an installation of 4 small LEDs on the side of the controller is done.

A lot of paddles installation comes with an LED running light option. This feature can be installed on the controller in which 4 LEDs will light up the controller, which will be inside the paddle. LED lights will easily make a day to day remote to an attractive and illuminating paddle. With such mods, the controller looks amazing in the dark.

Controller Mods


Whenever you modify a remote, you can also upgrade it with the help of a number of mods options which will then be further installed on the mod. Every mod you install will contain a certain function or skill which will be assigned to the character of your game and will be further utilized during gameplay. In order to learn more about how mod options really work, you can search the internet for the same.

Let us now further discuss some of the available controller mods as well as their related functions:


This mod helps shoot both the wield guns at the very same time the moment a fire button is pressed.

Auto Burst

This mod is used to set up burst firing for both single shot weapons as well as semi-auto weapons.

Auto Spot

This mod helps you spot enemies and also display these villains to your teammates on the radar.

Auto Sprint

This mod helps your soldier sprint continuously.


This will help your soldier jump in the air and shot or simply drop down to the ground.

Dual Trigger

This mod can help you attain a rapid fire on both the handguns.

Fast Reload

This mod is used to reload the guns a bit faster.


This mod reduces the time between bursts in the case of semi-automatic weapons.


This helps all the mods to work together in button layouts which are different.

Rapid Fire

This generates auto weapons from semi-automatic weapons.

Sniper Breath

In order to attain better shooting accuracy, the sniper’s breath is held using this mod.

Turbo Melee

The time between knifed attacks is reduced using this mod.


The head of the nearest zombie is aimed using this mod.

Rapid Fire Mod

This mod is included in every PS4 or Xbox controller by default.

Programming Mode

Apart from the usual provision of the default settings, programming modes to are provided by mods which allows the gamers to custom make their own settings.

Custom LED Indicator

With custom LED indicator, the controller comes with 4 different lights for 4 different players.


Controller mods are very useful additions to any gaming controller. They can be incorporated into any type of gaming controller be it for PlayStation or even the Xbox. All in all, they will certainly give you an extra dimension when it comes to game control which something unmodded controllers fail to deliver.

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